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SinfulColors Holiday 2013 Colors!

Deck Your Nails With Tints of Tinsel 

Holiday is the time to shine. Embellish the little black dress with glitz and glimmer collections from SinfulColors that put you in the spotlight for the New Year. Decide deliberately, decorate decadently.
Holiday Tinsel - Bring on the bling! These Holiday Tinsel shades from SinfulColors offer a festive flourish that's worth celebrating. Each holiday-inspired shade is infused with glitter that gives nails a just-tinseled touch. Choose from six shimmery shades for all-out shine:

Silver Rainbows: Slivers of silver    
Spiked Ice: Black dazzle 
Pink Icicles: Confetti concoction     
Cold As Ice: Winter white 
Tinsel Town: Blue sparkle              
Gold Tinsel: The gift of gold
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Sheer Lustre Glitter Topcoat - These glitter shades are designed to be worn over any SinfulColors nail polish to add extra bling to any look. Choose from six sheer glittery topcoats designed to transform your fave shades to instant glitz and glam:

24 Karat: Gold Gilt            
Diamonds Are Forever: Silver confetti
Top Me Off: Prismatic Frills     
Girls Best Friend: Pink Baubles
Sapphired Up: Turquoise glitz                   
Glittery in Pink: Psychedelic Blush 
*pix is property of SinfulColors

SinfulColors Holiday Tinsel & Sheer Lustre Glitter Topcoat, $1.99 exclusively at Walgreens for Holiday 2013..

Check out after the jump for my review on 2 colors from each collection!
Holiday Tinsel

Spiked Ice

(Next 3 taken outside with my Nikon D80)

(Next 3 taken inside with my Nikon D80)

SinfulColors describes Spiked Ice as Black Dazzle. For your purposes I did different levels of layers so you could see how many would give you what effect etc. The thumb has 1 layer. On the pointer finger it's noted it has 2 layers and from the middle finger on it is 3 layers. In 1 layer I felt it was more like a top coat. The same as 2 layers. It was only layer 3 that made me think it was a stand alone color to have a top coat put over it and look right. It was a very strange formula I found.

Cold As Ice
(Next 3 taken outside with my Nikon D80)

(Next 3 taken inside with my Nikon D80)


SinfulColors described Cold As Ice as winter white. It was indeed winter white. Like the Spiked Ice it is a very unusual formula I never really got the reason for it. I believe that was a few coats as well.

Sheer Luster Glitter Topcoat

24 Karat
(Next 3 taken outside with my Nikon D80)

(Next 3 taken inside with my Nikon D80)

SinfulColors describes 24 Karat as gold gilt. I would agree with that. It comes off very light. This is 3 layers on my bare nail and below I will post pictures of my nails with Spiked Ice as the base with this over it to show how beautiful this is over any color! It reminds me of a bottle of gold overcoat I had when I was a kid! I love it! much different than other brands with similar names in their lines.
Top Me Off
(Next 3 taken outside with my Nikon D80)

(Next 3 taken inside with my Nikon D80)


SinfulColors describes Top Me Off as prismatic frills. It is very prismatic I must say and depending on which lighting you are in, you can make it do different things! I am posting below pictures of my fingers first outside then inside with Top Me Off and 24 Karat with Spiked Ice as the base to show just how sparkly they can be!

Outside with my Nikon D80

 Inside with my Nikon D80

Overall, I loved the topcoats by far more than the other two. They were much easier to work with and so pretty! The Cold as Ice was pretty but I was constantly feeling pieces sticking up even though I'd used topcoat. I love SinfulColors tons though so they haven't deterred me from them yet!

What do you guys think? any must haves? have you tried any and had better results? Let me know in the comments! 

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