Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Studio Area

I was recently asked what my studio area looks like with all the reviews I have done over the years.... It's an organized chaotic mess 😈

Here's a photo of the entire mess sorta:

More specifically here's how I store my bottles except the over flow......

These photos are from the left white cabinet:
   These are what I store in the midd/e red cabinet:
Stuff in the right white cabinet

Now, while I am a neat freak... ok you can't tell from the pictures.... there is a company out there that is a dream and I wish I could be a part of! I'm, so glad I heard about them and what they do! They are called MakeSpace and it is a new service that comes to your place, grabs your stuff, and stores it! Through the use of their app you can tell them to bring you whatever you need out of storage whenever! check out more after the jump!